Testimonial…I was 16 years old

I was 16 years old, pregnant, and trying to figure out how to support a baby on little to no income. When I walked through the doors of The Hope Clinic, I didn’t feel judged. The place really did give...Continued

Testimonial…When times were rough

When times were rough, The Hope Clinic helped me to overcome my weakness. They prayed with me when times were both bad and good. This gave me the courage to become stronger.Continued

Testimonial…The first thing I noticed

The first thing I noticed when walking into The Hope Clinic was how much nicer and more welcoming it felt than Planned Parenthood, which is where I got my pregnancy test for my first son.Continued

Testimonial…The staff is great

The staff is great. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I like everything especially the Baby Bucks program. It really helps! The Hope Clinic has helped me so much over the last 4 years. I would refer all my...Continued

Testimonial…I was pregnant at a young age

I was pregnant at a young age and trying to graduate from high school when I came to the Hope Clinic. The ladies treated me very well and made me feel at home. In fact, sometimes I really do feel...Continued

Testimonial…always very caring and informative

The ladies are always very caring and informative. If I was to get pregnant again, I would definitely come back as I did with my first one. My test and positive result helped me to get medical coverage to see...Continued