How Do I Know If I Am Pregnant?

Usually, a late period is the first symptom of pregnancy. However, there are many other reasons your menstrual cycle could be off. Other pregnancy symptoms include tender breasts, feeling sick to your stomach, being really tired, and having to pee...Continued

What Are the Signs of an STI/STD?

Some STI/STDs have no noticeable symptoms. However, you do not have to have symptoms to be contagious; you can spread and receive the disease at any time and not even know it. Left untreated, it can lead to more significant...Continued

When Should I Get An Ultrasound?

A positive pregnancy test means you have the pregnancy hormone, hCG, in your body, but does not tell you how the pregnancy is progressing. Learning as much information as possible about your pregnancy can help you make an informed decision...Continued

What Are the Side Effects of the Abortion Pill?

Some common side effects of the abortion pill include… Heavy bleeding Intense cramps Abdominal pain Diarrhea Headaches Nausea Vomiting In addition to the common side effects of the abortion pill, there are some serious and long-term risks to consider before...Continued