Facing an unexpected pregnancy can come with many challenges. You may feel stressed and weary thinking about disclosing your situation to those close to you. 

Women can often feel pressured, or even forced, by their partner to come to a decision for their unplanned pregnancy. Although this entrapping feeling is not easy, we want you to know you are not alone. 

Our amazing team at The Hope Clinic is eager to walk alongside you and equip you to make the best pregnancy decision for you. 

The Harmful Threats of Peer Pressure

Pressure from loved ones brings many feelings. You may feel like you do not want to let them down, but you also have personal desires that you do not want to suppress. Oftentimes, your choice may not agree with the choices others want you to make. 

If your boyfriend or sexual partner is pushing the idea of abortion when you have not established your own desires for your pregnancy, there are likely underlying problems that are surfacing with this big life decision. Establishing healthy and strong boundaries within a relationship can bring difficulty, but they are vital for long-term success in the relationship. 

Strong boundaries protect your heart, emotions, and thoughts from wavering when peer pressure comes into the picture with a heavy weight. 

How Do I Respond to Peer Pressure?

Embrace Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be intimidating. By nature, boundaries are limiting. You are asking individuals to restrict their actions and words. It can be scary to ask others to do something that limits them. However, the consequences of being silent can be catastrophic. 

Before you make a significant decision, it is important to open your ears to those whom you believe to be wise, and close your ears to those who are unwise. A pregnancy decision is a significant decision. If your boyfriend wants you to have an abortion, and you are unsure about your pregnancy decision, you must seek counsel elsewhere and set boundaries with your boyfriend.

Here are a few tips for you as you prepare to set your boundaries:

  1. Write down the boundaries as clearly as you can, and share your thoughts with a trusted loved one
  2. Be sure to identify your reasoning for the boundaries, and communicate that to your partner
  3. Make clear and specific requests for change
  4. Observe and evaluate your partner’s actions over time with patience and love

If your boyfriend responds to your boundary requests with anger, frustration, or violence, it is likely time to consider if your relationship has a lasting future.

You deserve someone who understands your feelings, accepts your boundaries wholeheartedly, and partners with you as you make your pregnancy decision.

Record Your Honest Thoughts on Paper

Communication with others, and even yourself, is increasingly difficult when you are anxious about an upcoming decision. Taking time to write down your deep emotions can be therapeutic. We recommend you write down your thoughts with honesty and clarity.

You never have to feel guilty if you don’t want an abortion, even if someone you love is pushing you another way. At the end of the day, this is your decision.

You Have Options

After you confirm your pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test and an ultrasound exam, you are able to choose between three pregnancy options: parenting, adoption, or abortion. Our caring staff is well trained to walk you through each of these options. 

Time and time again, we have witnessed tremendous strength in the clients we serve. You too are incredibly strong. No amount of peer pressure should sway you from making the pregnancy decision you want to make. 

The Hope Clinic offers free and confidential services that will help you begin your decision-making process. Schedule your appointment today!


4 responses to “My Boyfriend Wants Me to Have an Abortion

  1. I made my decision almost 3years ago,I was being bullied and pressured into an abortion which was not what I wanted,I eventually chose with my heart to keep my blessing,even though it would mean I’d lose my partner as well for the entire pregnancy.He eventually returned when the baby was born but with a girl friend which created a lot of drama and a lot of family court,it’s still a struggle to this day.And am glad I made the decision I made I am truly blessed to have my Blessing she is amazing.This article was very helpful because I am still being blamed for the decision I chose to make.Thank you now I don’t feel so bad.

  2. I am 25 with a one year old. I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and my partner is pressuring me to have an abortion, in the beginning I specifically told him, no surgical procedure and now that it’s too late to take action for the pill. He’s forcing the surgical procedure. I feel like he really don’t care about the risks and health related complications that may get involved because I’m far along in my pregnancy. He’s not really being considerate about me. So I’ve decided to keep my baby no matter if that means losing him….I want a man that is more understanding about my body and choices.

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