How to break the news to your boyfriend and family that you are pregnant depends on several factors. Have you confirmed your pregnancy with a pregnancy test and limited ultrasound? Are your relationships healthy, or are you concerned about your safety? 

No matter what, honesty is always the best policy, particularly when it comes to discussing an unplanned pregnancy. 

What Do You Mean By Confirming My Pregnancy?

A pregnancy test only indicates the possibility of pregnancy. Experts estimate that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. That’s more than one in four pregnancies! You can still get a positive pregnancy test result days or even weeks after a miscarriage.

How Do I Find Out If I’ve Miscarried?

It’s essential to take more than one pregnancy test. Even if you have already taken a home test, you should get a second opinion. Many home tests are not as sensitive as they claim.

We offer medical-grade pregnancy testing free of charge to you. If your pregnancy test from The Hope Clinic is positive, we offer a limited obstetrical ultrasound also free of charge. 

An ultrasound gives you the following information:

  • If your pregnancy is viable (growing with a detectable heartbeat) or if you have miscarried
  • How far along you are in your pregnancy (known as the gestational age)
  • The location of the pregnancy. Although rare, some pregnancies develop outside the uterus, which can be life-threatening

When Should I Tell My Boyfriend and Family?

Once you are sure you are pregnant, it’s time to tell your boyfriend and family. Although the news may be a big surprise that neither of them is ready for, you need their care and support.

If you and your boyfriend are in a loving, healthy relationship, tell him as soon as possible. Although he may be shocked and frightened, give him time to absorb the news. Do not tell your boyfriend alone if you are in an unsafe or violent relationship.

Tell your parents as soon as possible, too. They may be disappointed and angry but deserve time to accept the news. 

How Should I Tell Them?

Here are a few suggestions for how to break the news:

  • Tell them in person, if at all possible.
  • Show them the positive result of the pregnancy test. 
  • Talk about how you feel. Are you afraid? Excited? Still trying to figure it out?
  • Research your options and discuss how you want to handle the pregnancy.
  • If you’re worried for your safety, tell them in public and have a friend with you.
  • Wait until you have private time to be together.
  • Pregnancy hormones affect your mood, so make sure you are calm and ready to answer questions.

How Can The Hope Clinic Help Me?

As we said, pregnancy tests and a limited obstetrical ultrasound are available to you at no charge. We offer many other pregnancy-related services at no cost, too.

If you need more information about your options before you tell your boyfriend and family, we can discuss all three. Our free pregnancy services are available at both our Berne and Decatur locations. Schedule an appointment at the location nearest you. 

We’re here to support you in any way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.