The overturning of Roe v. Wade that occurred earlier this year shifted women’s rights by giving them the opportunity to now vote on this issue, determining for themselves how their residing state should act in reference to abortion laws.

What Happened When Roe Was Reversed?

In 1973, the Supreme Court had initially ruled that women could have an elective abortion without the need for a health-related or life-threatening condition behind their decision. Due to this ruling, voting for specific regulations on abortion was not an option or decided by the people.

When the Supreme Court overruled this original decision, however, it once again restored power to the people and allowed them to vote on this issue. Now, each state can elect individuals who share their common beliefs and who will institute abortion laws on their behalf.

How Can Women Voice Their Beliefs?

Like other laws and regulations, women can cast informed votes for candidates with similar views. These delegates are to speak for and regulate laws according to the people they represent.

Women can also participate in rallies and marches utilizing their right to freedom of speech. Speaking out using social media platforms to reach and educate other voters are also great ways to make their voices heard.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us today if you still have questions about laws and what options are available. We offer free, confidential appointments with no-cost services such as pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and options counseling.

Providing you with all your options, clarifying your state laws, and providing you with the support you deserve are important to us. After being empowered with answers to your questions and receiving the knowledge you seek, we are confident you will decide what’s right for you and your journey.

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