Baby Bucks Program

The Baby Bucks Program provides material assistance to you and your baby once you are enrolled. You can acquire the necessary materials for your baby by engaging in a variety of personal enrichment opportunities.

How to Earn Baby Bucks

  • Reading pamphlets or articles and writing a reflection
  • Watching educational videos and discussing them with an advocate
  • Attending parenting classes
  • Participating with Healthy Families
  • Completing GED classes or high school and college credits.

Each time you complete a requirement, you will earn Baby Bucks that can be redeemed for a baby item. 

Client Responsibilities

• Enroll as a client at the Hope Clinic and with any outside organization who partners with us.

• Reading/Writing activities must be your own work and can be completed at home. They can also be completed at the clinic with the assistance of an advocate if desired. 

• Be responsible for your own Baby Bucks. You have up to one year from the date earned to redeem them.

• You may combine your Baby Bucks with your partner’s Baby Bucks, but both of you need to be present to redeem them.

Diaper Assistance Program

• Each pack of diapers and wipes requires 1 Baby Buck.

• You may pick up one pack per week. 

• You must pick up your own packs.

Boutique Items

Large Items

You and/or your partner may redeem Baby Bucks for only one of each of the following items for your household (once per child) during the six weeks before your due date or any time after your baby is born: Crib, mattress, car seat, high chair, pack-n-play, furniture, etc. (items available may vary). 

Regular Items

Each client may redeem Baby Bucks on any available item in our Baby Bucks boutique. There is a limit of 4 outfits and 2 toys per month per child.

“Free” Items

“Free” means that you do not have to earn Baby Bucks for these items. If you have a need, you may come in and take what you or your baby needs.

We have a variety of formula, baby food, and other items that are available.

We offer gently used baby/toddler clothes and maternity clothes. A dressing room is available for trying on clothes.