Abort pregnancy by eating a lot of birth control

If you think you may be pregnant, you’ve likely typed a few questions into Google you’ve never asked before. If the pregnancy is unplanned, many of your questions may have to do with how to end a pregnancy.


Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet. It’s important to understand how different medications and prescriptions work before consuming them, and you should only use medications for their specific purpose.


Can I end my pregnancy by eating a lot of birth control?

The short answer is no. Birth control and the abortion pill are two very different medications with two different purposes. One is designed to prevent a pregnancy and the other is designed to end a pregnancy.


Simply taking more of one medication won’t help you accomplish your goal. It can also be very dangerous for your health. Instead, you should take each medication as prescribed. While The Hope Clinic does not provide or refer for birth control, our nurses are available to answer questions you may have.


What’s the difference between birth control and the abortion pill?

Birth control is a type of contraception that contains hormones that prevent pregnancy. The birth control pill is often just referred to as “the pill”.


It’s designed to be taken orally once per day. It is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy when taken consistently at the same time every day.


The active drug in birth control is Levonorgestrel. It’s designed to prevent pregnancy.


The abortion pill is made up of two very powerful drugs — mifepristone and misoprostol.


Mifepristone is prescribed at the abortion clinic and ends a pregnancy by blocking your body’s production of progesterone from reaching the uterus.


Misoprostol is taken at least 24 hours later at home and causes cramping and contractions so your body can expel the pregnancy.

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