Woman Experiencing Pregnancy Symptoms

Think you might be pregnant? Whether you’re using a form of birth control or not, if you’re sexually active, there is always a possibility you could become pregnant.

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it might be time to schedule an appointment with your local pregnancy center and get a free lab-quality pregnancy test!

1. Changes in Nipples

Pregnancy comes with a rush of hormones as your body prepares for what’s to come. With these hormones, often come changes in your body. One of the first areas to be impacted are the nipples. Many women report discomfort in the form of a tingling or itching sensation. This can be one of the first signs of pregnancy — sometimes occurring within one week of conception.

Later in pregnancy — at about eight weeks — you might start to notice changes in the appearance of your nipples. These changes can include a darkening of the areola and changes in the texture of the skin around your nipple. 

2. Breast Tenderness 

You might experience breast tenderness at about six weeks into pregnancy. This often feels like a more intense version of the tenderness that comes with your menstrual period and can be accompanied by breast swelling and enlargement. This symptom can decrease or fully subside as your pregnancy progresses.

3. Cramping and Spotting

If you’ve noticed any unusual spotting or are experiencing unexpected cramping, this might be a sign that you’re pregnant. While these symptoms can be scary for some women, it’s relatively common and usually isn’t cause for alarm. If you experience excessive spotting or cramping, call your doctor to schedule an appointment.

4. Morning Sickness

Nausea is a common symptom within the first few months of pregnancy. Some women experience slight nausea and occasional vomiting, while others find themselves unable to carry out daily activities. Unfortunately, the name “morning sickness” is a bit deceiving as many women experience nausea related to pregnancy throughout the day and evening. 

Thankfully, for many women, this symptom tends to subside as the pregnancy progresses.

5. Unexpected Tiredness

Feeling exceptionally exhausted? This could be a sign that you’re pregnant. As your body gears up and creates additional hormones, you’ll likely experience low energy and new levels of tiredness.

6. Food Cravings and Strange Heightened Sense of Smell

With pregnancy often comes changes to your cravings and sense of taste and smell. Are you craving new and different foods, or finding that your typical cravings don’t sound appealing? These changes could indicate that you’re pregnant. 

7. Missed Period

If you consistently track your period and have regular cycles, you’ll likely notice a missed period before most other pregnancy symptoms. For women who have irregular cycles, a missed period could go unnoticed.

If your period is late, schedule an appointment at your local pregnancy center to get a free pregnancy test! 

If you’re sexually active and concerned about becoming pregnant, it’s good to pay attention to your body so you can be aware of any of these changes or discomforts. Here at The Hope Clinic, all of our pregnancy services are free and confidential, which means you’ll always have a safe place to go when experiencing any of these common pregnancy symptoms. 
Schedule an appointment with The Hope Clinic today!

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